Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Well that was fun! Yah, right! We were plugging away, but 5 birds was definitely too many for the first time processing. We had to pluck the feathers by hand and that is no fun! We had 3 down and 2 to go and it was getting dark. We decided to turn the spotlight on and just get it done. That was all fine and good until it got dark and we heard the coyotes start howling, real close! Oh my! I was scared! Justin went and got his shot gun just in case. Here I am plucking a chicken and also trying to look around me (in the dark) to see if they were nearby. Of course they probably never would have come near us with all the lights on around us, but I was scared! We just got done and it is 10:45. There were 2 times when the coyotes were howling nearby us and then it was calm for the last hour or so. It is actually peaceful out there now, but it wasn't! I don't want to do that again in the dark! 4 hours and 5 meat birds on ice. Is this worth it???? Not sure yet!

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