Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our first death on the farm. :(

One of the little chickens died. :( We had purchased 8 hens about 8 weeks after we purchased our first batch because we didn't think we had got enough the first time. These chickens (the 2nd batch) have been a pain since the get go. They run away from you every time you get near them and they are fast! We have put them in the coop many times and every time they would fly out. One time one of them stayed. She stayed in along with the "free" ornamental chick they sent us. The free one has been able to stand her ground with the older chickens, but the little one has struggled from the beginning. One day she was all bloody, but she managed to stay in there and be fine. Then we added another one of the 5 that were left outside the coop. Both little ones would fly in and out of the coop at will. We thought they were fine, but the day before yesterday I saw the newest little one in there and her comb was all bloody. I said to James that we should take her out and put her with her old friends, but we decided to wait until daddy got home. We told him about the blood, but we didn't end up taking her out of the coop. I thought if she wanted to get out she would, but maybe she was injured enough that she couldn't fly out. Last night when they went out to shut the coop up for the night, they found her out in the chicken yard dead. :( I was so sad. I feel like it is my fault! Stinkin chickens. I am beginning not to really like them. They are fun to watch at times, but the pecking order thing just drives me crazy and makes me sad.

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