Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sickness in the house.

The kids have been down this week with what I have been told is Rotavirus. Well, it stinks! My children aren't usually sick, so when they are it throws us all for a loop. I normally have a bottle or 2 of Children's ACF in the house and that has saved us numerous times from getting the "bug" going around at the time. This time I had nothing in the house except garlic capsules that the kids refuse to take. Whatever is going around has been going around for weeks and I really kinda thought we were out of the woods. Not so. Laura got it first, then Isaiah, then James. What are the chances I am not going to get it, probably slim to none, but there is always hope! Makes me more certain that I need to start making Elderberry syrup to have in the house and my own tincture that would be similar to the ACF (which is $18.99 a bottle!)for such a time as this! I purchased this book yesterday and it has a lot of great recipes I am going to make really soon!
Herbal Nurturing from Frugal Granola

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  1. I LOVE elderberry!! It really IS amazing!! It usually stops me from getting too sick. Hope you all are feeling better!!